Caldwell Fast Facts

Tharaldson Ethanol Group

Casselton, ND

Caldwell Scope:
23 Field-Erected Tanks
     18 Stainless Steel
      5 Carbon Steel

50,000 construction hours
performed with no injuries

Caldwell Industrial Project:

Tharaldson Ethanol Group
Casselton, ND

Tharaldson Ethanol-100 Million Gallons Per Year Ethanol Facility

The Tharaldson Ethanol Project showcases Caldwell's broad capabilities to provide turnkey engineering, fabrication, foundations, construction and painting of field-erected storage tanks. Caldwell's participation in this project included the turnkey construction of twenty-three (23) tanks: 18 stainless steel process tanks and 5 carbon steel storage tanks with internal floating roofs. The total value of Caldwell's scope of work for this project was in excess of $20 million.

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